Tipps and tricks about the topic photography

Tipp on the edge: steal me, I am worth it!

Tipp on the edge: what you can see on the following picture, is the original shoulder strap with the product name. In fact, we could simply put the price tag in big on it, so that the photographic ambitious thief know from a distance that stealing would be worth it! When a camera is priced around 2000 (+ the price of the objective), it seems much easier to steal that instead of stealing a car. So the first thing to do is replacing the original shoulder strap with a neutral or a "cheap" one. Expect when you bought the camera for bragging about how much you spend on devices.

Care that your camera is fully charged.

Prepare in advance, what you can.

Train, train, train!

Especially a day ahead of a shooting to be swift and accurate at the shooting.

Author: Axel Pratzner

Translator: Felix Pratzner