Presents For Photographers

I often get as by not photographers, what would be a nice present for a photographer, what brings him joy and hopefully is not as expensive as a new objective (which would make every photographer happy).

Here a selection of present ideas, which make the heartbeat of a photographer go faster.

Thermos flask in shape of a camera objective

This is an awesome gift for landscape photographers. Especially in the freezing days of the year a warm beverage is a blessing. And when that one comes out of a thermos, which looks like an objective, it will always brighten up the day.

The present has the best effect when you announce it with the words, that you got an objective with 420 milliliter!

Thermos flask in shape of a camera objective (420ml)

It can also be bought in a slightly different design with integrated drinking cup and 500 ml capacity (you can find it with the link above).

Drinking cup isolate in the design of a camera objective

If a thermos flask is too big, then a drinking cup is a nice item. It is true to the original style with a protective bag with a red border for high-quality objectives.

tinxi® Camera Coffee Cup

DOIY photo frame 6er-Set Magnetic Polaframes

For photographers with fridge doors made from metal or a magnetic board. Attach photos fast and uncomplicated with a nice frame to your fridge and label them.

A small present, with which nothing can do anything wrong.

DOIY Fotorahmen 6er-Set Magnetic Polaframes

Movies for photographers

Movies are always a nice evening entertainment. On the other hand, there are not that many for or about photographers. Here a small selection.

The Bang Bang Club

A very good, but serious movie after a true story about the last bloody days of the apartheid regime in South Africa. Absolutly worth seeing, if you are interested in history or Africa.

I think that movie is quite impressive and sticks closely to the true story. Simply take a look or gift it away, or both.

DVD: The Bang Bang Club
Blu-Ray: The Bang Bang Club [Blu-ray]

National Geographic - On Location: along the way with top photographers, Vol. 1-4

For nature and travel photographers it is absolutly worth watching. Stunning pictures and great stories.

With the 4 DVDs and 384 Minuten play time it is a nice way of experiencing the professionals and the stories of their pictures.

DVD: National Geographic - On Location: along the way with top photographers, Vol. 1-4 [4 DVDs]
Blu-Ray: On Location Teil 1-4 - Box - National Geographic [Blu-ray]

Have fun gifting!

And don‘t forget: Take a photo when gifting the present!