female squirell

female squirell (Photo: A. Pratzner)

Canon EOS 50D
1/250 sec.
Focal length:
178 mm

Photo course – learn how to take better pictures.

Welcome to my online photo course. This online-photo course is supporting my regular photo courses – whoever wants to join in or learn from home is dearly invited to do the course as it pleases you most. Photography related information will be updated regularly. All pictures have the relevant technical information embedded like camera, aperture, ISO, focal length and exposure.

This photography course offers a lot of useful information for beginners, as well as deeper background knowledge for advanced users, who want to improve their skills. The course consists of a lot of information and pictures about photography and learning how to photograph. All photos used in this course (if not explicitly stated otherwise) and graphics are created by myself.

500 reasons why learning photography is useful

There are 500 reasons, why I wanted to learn how to photograph properly. Here is a small appetizer, why it is definitely worth the time to improve your own photography skills.

Videos to the course: Videos in German available

There are also videos out supporting the photography course. From our partner course the www.foto-kurs.com

Change your perspective for better photos

Let/'s start our tour about learning photography with the vital points of view and perspectives.

Change your perspective when you take photos. Think about how your dog, your cat or, if you got one, your giraffe sees the world around you. Photos can offer a different or unusual point of view. Astonishing photos often use a change of perspective and show the observer a variety of fascinating things leaving him there puzzled and happy.

For clarification extrems are helping. In the following photo you can see that the point of view is very high. The photo was taken on a photo course (in which I participated myself). Because of the lack of giraffes, we had to use a helicopter to achieve such a high point of view.

cycle race photographed from a helicopter

cycle race photographed from a helicopter (Photo: A. Pratzner)

Canon EOS 50D
1/1250 Sek.
Focal length:
50 mm

This photo was published in the magazine FOTOHITS ½ 2010 in the special supplement 24 p. 20.

A few words to begin with

This photo course was made in my free time – as in my “real” life I need a lot of photos for my work. Because of that I am sure you will find spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as translation errors and my own opinion. And as one old joke states: two photographers - three opinions. Photos are a matter of opinion and a window how the photographer himself sees the world. So, look at my photos, explore the techniques they use and ignore the rest. The most important thing is have fun and use the techniques suiting you to display your own view of the world. If you find any errors, then please send me an e-mail and I will correct them as soon as I find time to do it.

And now I wish you a lot of fun with the photo course!

Author: Axel Pratzner

Translator: Felix Pratzner